I’m a fullstack software developer and I started to build things as a hobby in 2017. Which means, I bought a cheap 3D printer, a soldering iron and a couple of electronic components.

My first project was one of these many β€œIoT Sensor Node” projects you can find on the net. Take a 128x64 pixel OLED display, an esp8266 (an Arduino progammable microcontroller incl. wifi radio), and a Bosch BME280 sensor, and you are ready to experiment a lot by programming this tiny embedded device. I used the 3D printer to print a case for this sensor setup.

In the meantime I published multiple versions of this sensor node on GitHub (github.com/pauls-3d-things, github.com/uvwxy) and Thingiverse (thingiverse.com/uvwxy/, including a backend to store the data.

You can also read a post about this.

My goal is to design/print/mill/code and then document projects for you to learn from and build at home. Making things was always a big part in my hobbies, but now I want to write things down for others to learn from.

Hence, the name: pauls 3d things :)

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Currently, I am documenting my old projects and so I use this homepage as a central collection of my work.