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The Result

A four port, with each 5V/3.4A, or 9V2.5A, or 12V 2A quick charger. You can turn every port on/off with a switch.
I installed it in our camper van.

The Parts

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional regarding electronics. This is just a hobby project that I designed to work for me. I give no guarantees that it will work for you in any way. I have no idea about trace width/thickness, etc. nor did I do any calculations if this thing will work with all ports running at 24W (i.e. 92W in total). And I have not tested it.

You are building this at your own risk.

If you are happy with two ports and no separate switches, check this out:

The Details

The schematics are fairly simple. Each charger module gets a switch. One connector to provide 6V-32V.
The PCB, without copper infill. No idea if the traces are wide/thick enough. I thought this might work.
Rendered preview.
Then, I desigend a bottom case.
And the lid.

The Assembly

Until I have the time to write this in detail, check this video: (If you have questions, write me a message via Instagram)

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